About me

Founding the company as a business, turned into a passion.

I started “Design Workshop – Ramzi Abufadil” in 1992. Since then we have been designing various projects together as a team driven by the love of design.

Our portfolio is so diverse and colorful in concepts, and vision, as well as clients, settings, and scale of projects: this probably shows how flexible we try to be, to reach a final design which satisfies both our client/friend’s requirements along with our design interest.

A professional in the design field, and an academic, I am a believer in the importance of sharing knowledge, and the process of continuous mutual learning.

Additionally, I am always trying to live my life abundantly, thus I started learning piano recently, and went back to my interest in sketching and painting. Few years ago, I launched the manufacturing of porcelain artifacts, inspired from the Lebanese culture, which are fully hand made in the “Arc en Ciel” charity workshops.